Swizzle Foundation presents the Niagara Hermitage exhibition

Located in St. Catharines’ Factory Outlet Flea Market, Niagara Hermitage is The Garden City’s premier cultural institution. Niagara Hermitage is committed to presenting intimate exhibitions featuring works by some of the world’s most compelling artists. The collection spans from the mid-twentieth century to the present day, concentrating on post-war intuitive painting and Atomic Era crafts, and includes hundreds of works of art.

The exquisite treasures on view in Niagara Hermitage every Sunday from September 19 highlight some of the most extraordinary works in the collection.

In 2007, the Swizzle Foundation donated a large collection of signature Canadian works to Niagara Hermitage. The trustees of the Swizzle Foundation, Christine Cosby and Robert Elliott, bought only works of the highest quality of craftsmanship that spoke directly to them. Their bequest includes rare portraits by Saddler and sculpture pieces once displayed in Foundation’s Simian Garden.

To accommodate this gift, Niagara Hermitage launched an ambitious capital campaign, drawing on the generosity of corporate and private donors. In September 2010, following a lengthy renovation period, the museum reopened its doors, and it has once again become one of St. Catharines’ most visited attractions.

Niagara Hermitage is now CLOSED.